Walmart Door Greeter Policy

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Walmart has changed their employment policy.    Door greeters must now be able to carry twenty five (25) pounds and stand for eight(8) hours a day.  This will directly result in hardworking employees who love their jobs getting laid off because they have Cerebral Palsy.  This is not a local decision   It's a corporate descion.  Walmart should make an exception for these folks.   It's not their fault they have Cerebral Palsy.  They don't see it as a disability.  They want to work! They want to be productive members of society!  Hopefully we can change Walmart's corporate decision.  Please sign this petition!   Sign it for Bryson Mannin, John Combs in Vancouver and Adam Catlin in Pennsylvania.  I'm sure there are more employees across the country effected by this.  Please share this after you sign it.