Stop Wal Mart’s Fish Neglect

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In America, there seems to be an awful epidemic of neglect at stores that sell live fish. One of those stores being WalMart. Betta fish kept in mucky, old, cold water, in tiny cups filled with feces and tattered fins. It’s absolutely immoral and inhumane, yet it happens everywhere in the U.S. Fish in tanks to small to move in, with water so stale and stagnant they can take breathe.  I am a Canadian, and where I live they no longer sell these fish in stores; hopefully this can spread to our friends to the south. 

Pet stores are employing people who care about animals and their welfare, who have a knowledge in their proper care. They can spot illness in the fish and are trained in the maintenance of their environments to ensure healthy and happy fish being sold. WalMart is not a pet store, you can’t really blame their employees for their lack of knowledge, only the company who is putting them in situations they’re not equipped to deal with.

We’ve all heard of stories of customers telling managers of the conditions being unfit, and then being completely ignored and brushed off. Something has to stop. If you’re interested in trying to stop this practice from occurring please sign this petition, and share with others who may be interested.