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Stop the use of plastic bags in supermarkets

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Sign this petition if...

  • You believe in the safety of marine animals.
  • Want a healthier earth for the future generations.
  • Don't want to watch the earth slowly die from careless actions of greedy people.
  • Care for the earth, innocent animals, the beauty of the ocean, and the health of every living being.
  • Believe in the power one person can have on the environment both negatively and positively. 
  • Understand that the earth is home to more than just the human race.

Plastic bag facts

Plastic bags used in stores are ruining the environment and the lives of thousands of marine creatures in the ocean. Plastic bags can be recycled but once plastic is produced it can never leave the earth, no matter how many times it is recycled into another product. Recycling is important but will not stop plastic from contaminating the ocean and it's natural habitat. Plastic contains harmful chemicals, BPA, that can cause all kinds disease in people and the affected animals, that can lead to death, and over 90% of Americans already have this chemical in their body. These chemicals are then entered into the wildlife, where they are found in plastic that outnumbers sea-life 6-1. Almost 10 tons of plastic goes into the water every year, and more is being produced every day. Plastic is being promoted as cheap, easy, accessible and user-friendly which ultimately appeals to the consumer as a good product. Every person contributes to this problem by purchasing large quantities of water bottles, pre-packaged food, drinking out cups, and much more. There are millions of women in the United States alone who purchase tampons and other feminine products containing plastic that go into the ocean where they can never be removed. There are so many ways to prevent the use of plastic, and the most major one includes the use of plastic bags. The production value increases every time people use them at the store, resulting in more and more plastic polluting the earth. Easy alternatives are paper bags, or bags that can be re-used every time you go back to the store. If one person chooses to not use plastic bags for only one year, there would be 425 less plastic bags wasted and thrown out into the hurting environment. If a person did this for a lifetime, they could prevent over 15,000 plastic bags from being used. One person can make a difference. Only 1 in 200 bags are recycled by the average person. Only 0.05% of all bags are recycled and up to 1 trillion are used in one year worldwide. Recycling is no longer a solution to this epidemic, it is a placeholder, bound to be broken and bound to fail.

The goal of this petition...

  • To lessen the amount of plastic bags used and purchased in major supermarkets around the world  
  • Promote the alternatives available to plastic bags
  • Spread awareness of what plastic can do to the environment and innocent animals

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