Stop the use of disposable feminine products

Stop the use of disposable feminine products

May 2, 2021
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Started by Rocha’s and Ander’s

The Cost of Plastic — Make Reusable Hygiene Feminine Products More Affordably Available!

Disposable feminine items such as pantyliners, pads, and tampons are sold in stores like Walmart and Target that are not biodegradable.

There are, however, businesses that market environmentally friendly goods.
The items are expensive and insufficient, and they are all wrapped and tubbed in plastic.

Plastic minefields exist in the form of disposable pads and tampons. A typical tampon can have a plastic wrapper and applicator, but the wadding and string of the tampon also contain polyester.
The typical menstrual pad comprises approximately 90% plastic, with a box of disposable pads containing the same amount of plastic as five disposable shopping bags.

Plastic isn’t just filling garbage cans. It’s endangering life on this planet.

One way to reduce your personal plastic use is to switch to recycled goods. On a structural level, this should be promoted (in Canada, only 37 percent of overall plastic use is in durable products - the rest is single-use plastic or packaging).  New technologies, systems, and strategies, on the other hand, are needed. To achieve a carbon-neutral economy, we need political will at all levels of government.
Please stop selling these items and promote reusable items; don't forget to elect officials who support environmental sustainability.


It does not, however, end at garbage.  All of that plastic has a big effect on our environment. Plastic is mainly produced from fossil fuels, specifically ethane from natural gas, which is frequently a byproduct of fracking in North America.
We can't keep consuming plastic at this rate.
Plastic will emit over 56 gigatons of greenhouse gases by 2050, accounting for 10-13 percent of global emissions.With existing plastic and petrochemical expansion plans, there is no hope of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.
Plastic is used for more than just filling trash cans.
It puts life on this planet in jeopardy.

Plastic is something that we all use. We must find a way to put it to good use so that our world can outlast our garbage.

Center of International Environmental Law (CIEL) estimate that every menstruating person uses over 42 lbs of fossil fuel and 73 gallons of clean water over their lifetime based on data collected on plastic bag use. This necessitates a large amount of plastic, which is often discarded. Our addiction to plastic is suffocating the very things that keep us alive on this planet: clean water and air.





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Signatures: 19Next Goal: 25
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