Stop the gender bias of graphic t-shirts and make them appropriate for everyone

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Equality has never been fully achieved between males and females in the twenty first century, especially through the art of self expression. Large companies including Walmart and Disney distribute millions of dollars in products per year, but one thing is lacking from this distribution - appropriately designed womens graphic tee shirts. 

There is a struggle for a majority of women reguarding the absence of female graphic tee shirts, and I am one of them. This absence prevents women from fully expressing themselves, as they have to resort to purchasing men’s clothing. Men’s clothes are not perfectly fit to a woman’s figure. It is uncomfortable and can sometimes be presumed as cross dressing. 

If we are able to find a nerdy shirt, many are over sexulized, making it even more uncomfortable to wear if you are looking for a modest tee shirt to express your love for your fandom!

My wardrobe consists many extra small male clothes, because it is very difficult to find women’s clothing that is “nerdy”. I have to travel far out of town to even find a shirt I like, which makes it even more difficult to express my love to my fandom. 

My goal is to encourage companies like Walmart to start selling graphic tee shirts for women that are appropriate for us to wear. Have them sell it in both gender sizing, and not just for men allowing all genders to feel expressive in what they wear. 

Help make a change for gender equality in expressive clothing. Let us women have a chance at wearing a shirt of our favourite movie! 

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