Stop Food Waste in Canada

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Everyday Canadians waste $31 billion worth of food that could be given to shelter, charities and food banks to people who could really value it. In this society we take too much for granted, and forget that people are suffering from the exact things we're throwing away.  Countries around the world are already banning food waste, such as France, and making a difference. Why can't Canada, the  home for all people make a change and lead others into a world where we can spread love, and value any class of citizens.

We believe that Canada can come together a community and change the world for the better, once and for all. Imagine how many families who don't have a meal to eat every night, who don't know where they'll get the next meal from, who are struggling. How their lives would change if they had support from Canada to say that people do care?  We are determined to make that change, to help the 27.5% living in poverty in our community. Will you help us make that change today?