WALMART - SAVE CHILDREN AND PETS FROM OVERHEATING/FREEZING CARS: Encourage and train employees to call and report!

Encourage and train their Employees/Managers to report and call!

I'm asking Wal-Mart to prove to us, their customers, that they are doing everything possible to make sure pets and children are protected. Currently, they've said they will post signs in parking lots, but people can ignore signs, and I think they can do a lot more.

1) On hot or cold days, Wal-Mart should make regular announcements over the loudspeaker warning customers of these dangers and consequences.

2) Most importantly, Wal-Mart needs a strong policy for staff and managers. Wal-Mart has said it has a policy to address this issue, but the staff person fired last week has said she was never told about this policy. Regardless of what Wal-Mart has or has not done in the past, I think they should make their policy publicly available. They should publicly commit to re-train all staff and managers across the country about what the dangers are, what the law is. They need to make sure that when a staff person sees a dangerous situation that they are encouraged, not to intervene, but to alert authorities themselves, and then follow a documenting and reporting procedure. In some cases, by the time a staff person finds a manager it could be too late.
Sydney Rutherford

sydney rutherford, bowmanville, Canada
8 years ago
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