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Reducing Unnecessary Plastics

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There are too many plastics being used that aren't helping the environment when there are much better substitutes that we can use instead. The plastics that we are continuing to use are damaging the marine ecosystem. According to "Ocean Plastic Pollution" on, in Los Angeles alone, 10 metric tons of plastic are swept into the ocean every day. This is an outrageous amount, especially when you can use reusable materials as a replacement, and when people are constantly creating new products, such as a new, special biodegradable plastic.

Companies are packaging natural products with plastics, even when nature has come up with its own cover. We are asking to stop this cycle of waste and production of unneeded plastics. We want to stop adding to the notorious Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which , according to "How Big Is the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch"? Science vs. Myth", "is bigger than Texas—maybe twice as big as the Lone Star State, or even twice as big as the continental U.S." The Garbage Patch is almost impossible to get rid of, so we should at least stop adding to the masses of plastic by using different kinds or just being responsible.

If you sign this petition, this will be sent to multiple major companies who use or wrap food products in more plastic than is needed. Becoming part of this and sharing this with any friends will make a bigger difference, and will change the world.

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