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Prohibit the sale of Walmart's betta fish

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Basic betta necessities:

  • Tank volume should be a minimum of 3.78 liters (1 gallon).
  • Tanks should be heated to 24-27 degrees Celcius (75-80 F) to accommodate the tropical climate necessary for the Southeast Asian fish. The temperature should not have dramatic fluctuations.
  • Filters to regulate the water current.
  • Live plants to oxygenate water and provide shelter. 
  • Access to surface oxygen.
  • Exercise.

Any environment that does not support these requirements is not an appropriate habitat for the betta fish. 

In contrast, the betta fish at Walmart stores are stored within densely-packed containers holding less than 3 liters (1 gallon) of water and sealed by air-tight lids. The fish have no access to surface air and new oxygen cannot be circulated, causing slow suffocation. Exercise is not permissible in this volume and there are no live plants to oxygenate the water. The containers are not heated, due to their volume, and are thus unable to maintain a consistent tropical temperature range. Any container less than one gallon is unable to regularly maintain a consistent temperature without major fluctuations; further, there are very few heaters which are suitable for such a size without consequently overheating the fish. A one-gallon sized tank is the minimum volume in which naturally occurring toxins may be regulated. Since ammonia is excreted through waste and exhalation from gills, tanks holding less than one gallon of water are subject to ammonia toxicity and the fish is easily poisoned. 

Ultimately, the conditions of Walmart's betta fish is not conducive to their basic necessities and contribute to the suffocation, starvation, and ammonia poisoning of the fish. It Walmart is not willing to dramatically improve the treatment of betta fish, the sale of the fish must be discontinued. 

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