Let Walmart Associates have Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving AKA Black Friday off from Work.

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Walmart  I urge you to let your associates to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with their family friends and loved one's because Christmas & Thanksgiving are  some of America’s most cherished family holidays

Treat Employees Like they Make a difference and they will

With all of the new technology, Website's Such as Walmart and Jet and more.  things such as AI, and more, don't you think Walmart Could "afford" to give it's Employee's A day or two to spend with our Family, Friends, And Loved One's

But, in pursuit of the almighty dollar, some retailers open their stores on Thanksgiving and Christmas, forcing many of their employees to work. We know that companies can support their bottom line without sacrificing their employees’ well being. Many chain stores do well and are NOT open on Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Example Sam's Club owned and operated by Walmart was closed on Black Friday, 2017, and 2018.

Please urge Walmart, to put people over profits and refuse to open their doors on Thanksgiving the 28th  of November 2019 and Christmas Eve. and instead let employees have some time away from the frantic shopping season to spend with their children, Family, Friends, partners and loved ones.

I personally believe that employees who who are less stressed at work due to the holidays in turn have better customer service and then that should make happier customers and repeat customers. Sam Walton Said "The Customer Comes First'

As someone who cares about family and community, I urge you to give your employees the day off on Thanksgiving and Christmas 

The Walton Family is the the richest family in the world, According  to a Bloomberg report The Walton Family Gets $4 Million Richer Every Hour


Walmart made in fiscal year 2019 $514 Billion in revenue, + $27.8 Billion  operating cash flow. + eCommerce sales increased 40 percent,
nearly doubling the sales of  Walmart E-e-commerce business over the past two

Walmart made in fiscal year  2018 revenue of 500.3 Billion plus  $11.5 billion Walmart U.S. eCommerce Sales + $28.3 billion Operating Cash Flow

Walmart made in fiscal year 2017 revenue of $485.9 billion,

Walmart made in fiscal year 2016  revenue of $482.1 billion

Sam Walton would have said

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else"


Thank you,

Adam Farris

 Closed for the Holidays