Plastic Bag Ban in Pennsylvania

Plastic Bag Ban in Pennsylvania

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Started by Z Corbin

The world is in shabby condition, and each action we take takes us one step closer to our world exaction. There's no time ore evolution, adaptation or natural selection. There is only one thing that we can do: call others to action.

We know that plastic bags aren't the problem, rather the corporations who produce them. We know it is our world leaders to blame, both past and present, that we are now in this mess, scrounging to fix this broken world.

Is a plastic bag ban THE solution? No. Is it part of THE solution? Yes. 

Putting a limit on the single use items that we use is very important action that we can take. One city, over time can stop so much pollution by saying no to plastic bags and saying hello to friendly reusable ones. 

Not only do we get prettier beaches, forests and mountains, but we also get healthier ecosystems, organisms, and crops. 

Calling out others is the most powerful thing that we can do. This petition serves the purpose of trying to enact a plastic bag ban, yes, however it is also to bring the real problem to light. The lack of laws and restrictions regarding pollution, plastic, and non renewable resources needs to end. We need to bring to the light these issues and try to bring them to an end, one step at a time.


20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!