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Give Thanksgiving back to Walmart families.

I enjoy a good Black Friday sale. Waking up at the crack of dawn and strategically planning my route around town over a cup of coffee seems like a family tradition now. There is plenty of money to be made by businesses on this Mega Shopping day.

Last year Walmart and other businesses pushed Black Friday opening time to midnight after Thanksgiving Day. Friends and families had to cut family events short to ensure that they made time to rest from cooking and Thanksgiving preparations. It is fun to "shop Til you drop" but there is no fun in seeing loved ones departing in the middle of the night to spend countless hours on their feet. This year, instead of settling down after a fantastic meal enjoying quality family time, many of us will be leaving our families and long standing traditions by heading in for a long night's work.

This year the retailers want to open at 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day. The retailers have totally showed a disregard for their workers and families.

We are all thankful for the jobs that we have. Especially during this time of recession but the 4 hours between 8pm and 12am shouldn't be taken from the Walmart families.

Say NO to the "Thanksgiving Creep" that will, one day, surely consume this holiday completely from our family and friends if WE don't say...enough already.

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