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Kids play these games and it may influence many horrible things

Letter to
Walmart Corporation
We are a sixth grade class concerned about the growing culture of violence in our nation as well as our communities. In the wake of recent national tragedies such as the Sandy Hook massacre and local incidents like the Taft High School shooting located approximately 40 miles away from Bakersfield, we believe it is time to address the level of violence in our culture.

Soon after the Sandy Hook incident, we discussed, as a class, some of the reasons that contributed towards the escalating culture of violence in our nation. My students determined that popular M-rated video games which glorify violence and sexual abuse have a damaging affect on our youth. These games dehumanize shootings, massacres, and rape by converting these violent acts into a sordid game.

According to the ESRB, Entertainment Software Rating Board, an M-rating consists of intense violence, blood, and gore, sexual content and/or strong language, as well as the use of alcohol or drugs. For example, the Saints Row series I through III is a popular choice among kids and teens in our community despite its graphic and disturbing content such as gaining points for raping, murdering, and robbing people in the game. In fact, scientific studies show the connection between violent video games and aggressive behavior.

We ask that Walmart immediately stops selling rated-M for mature video games since it contradicts the world's safety. It imperative that Walmart, refuse to sell rated-M for mature video games. We invite You to be a pioneer in corporate responsibility and become an advocate for promoting responsible, safe products to the very communities that it serves.

Ms. Guajardo’s 6th Grade Class

P.S This Letter Is the Same as Ms.Guajardo's Petition

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