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Allow unionization if their workers want that representation.

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Every person in the world should be allowed to have representation if they want it. It should be their right. Big business has super pacs to go to washington to try & get better deals, They have lawyers coming out of the walls to fight for them ,accountants in droves to make sure they get the best deals for their money etc,etc,etc ! Why shouldn't workers have the benefits of union representation?? Because Walmart & companies like them would rather pay their CEO's millions ,than give their hard working employees respect, a decent wage & affordable health care . I for one have been boycotting their stores for about two years by not shopping there. Personally I think they are partly why our clinics & emergency rooms are busier than ever because of business pratices of these kind of companies. I actually think that none of the states in this country should be allowed to ban unions if most of the workers in a particular company vote in the majority to have union representation. Please help to make these companies understand that workers deserve decent wages for a decent days work and decent treatment as human beings. Thank you for considering to sign my petition.

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