Bring Back & Offer Layaway Year round - Not just at Christmas time

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I love that Walmart offers Layaway during the christmas shopping season. Actually starting in September and going till like a week before Christmas. I love that!!!! 

I remember when Walmart offered Layaway YEAR ROUND and then some years ago for whatever reason they took it away. But, continued to offer it at Christmas time. 

This petition is to PETITION and send the message that I am sure i am not the only person and customer who loves shopping at Walmart. That would love to see Walmart bring back and OFFER Layaway Year round. As they do not do that currently do so except for Jewelry.  We want YOU (Walmart) to offer Layaway on all PRODUCTS year round and including Christmas time. 

You all could offer where customers can initiate and start layaway contracts online and in store and be able to make payments both online and in store to. 

Offer 2 month (8 wk), 3 month (12 wk), up to 6-9 month layaway terms.  with reasonable/ affordable payments (amounts) and initiation and cancellation (where applicable) fees. 

Please listen and cater to your customer base and bring back LAYAWAY (YEAR ROUND) 

this also would be in addition to other services you offer such as pick up today and site to store. This WOULD NOT REPLACE EITHER OF THOSE.