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Walls - Bring Back These Treats, Please!

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I don't deal well with change (I suffer from autism). If I could have two wishes, it would be that Walls (part of Unilever) would bring back the following:

  • Kick Off (they were strawberry and vanilla flavour ice cream lollies, in the shape of football boots) [if I could bring them back, I'd have them made, this time, without the bubblegum balls; the lollies themselves were white and pink, colours-wise]
  • Mr. Long (they're another ice lolly that Wall's made - hence the name, they were 'very long'; they were lemonade flavour water ice lollies, with strawberry water ice spirals, meaning they were like a whitish colour, with red spirals)
  • Spider Man (yet another ice lolly that Wall's made - they were strawberry flavour water ice lollies on the outside, with blue bubblegum flavour water ice on the inside, hence they were red on the outside, and dark blue on the inside)
  • Dennis the Menace (four iconic lollies that Wall's made - these ones were strawberry and cola flavour water ice lollies, with a chocolate coating with chocolate vermicelli, where they'd have been dark brown and red in colour) [of course, the 'chocolate coating with chocolate vermicelli' would have been brown]
  • Freaky Foot (now a fifth lolly that Wall's made - the good news is - this year Wall's brought them back; the bad news is - they're now merely vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream; I'm praying that Walls can bring back their older, more iconic appearance - vanilla ice cream with a strawberry ripple) [where they were white and had a reddish colour; additionally, if I could bring them back, a way I'd change them would be have them made without the big toe having the chocolate coating]
  • Big Gum (now six excellent lollies Wall's made - these were vanilla ice cream with raspberry stripes, hence they were white with pink stripes; the stick would still have to be the way I didn't like it - edible, and made of yellow chewing gum, as that's exactly how the lollies got their name) [the sticks had an inedible blue paper, which you had to remove first, to be able to eat the sticks]
  • 'Orrible Ogre (that's SEVEN outstanding lollies Wall's made! - these were purple in colour, and were in the shape of ogre monsters, judging from their name; they were blackcurrant flavour water ice lollies)

I still dream one day you will listen to my plea. Thank you.

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