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What can make a bright, shiny, intelligent 12 year old girl crumble into a weeping pile of emotional dough...bullying.  

1) As of 2009, 1 in 4 students have suffered bullying.
2) Every day over 150,000 students miss school because they are afraid of being bullied.
3) 282,000 students are attacked each month in school.

Last school year a Strathhaven Middle School student was struck in the face by an older male student.  The school failed to contact the girl's mother, and she was not aware of the incident until halfway through the summer!  This child thought her mother didn't care because she didn't ask her about it.  This child suffered in silence for months, until her withdrawal from life prompted her family to find out how the school had failed her child.  After confronting the school Principal about their failure to notify her of the assualt, the school promised to keep any further incidents from occuring.  And yet the same bully is now menacing this 12 year old girl on the bus and in the hallyway and she is unable to go to school without severe mental anguish. 

What is the Principal's response? Blame the victim. What is the Superintendant's response? Sweep it under the rug.  Who is watching out for children in the Wallingford/Swarthmore School District if a child hit in the face on two occasions is not protected from further harm.  

The Wallingford/Swarthmore School District has a policy regarding how they will strongly react to bullying, and yet recent events have proven they won't. Lets stand up and protect out kids. Tell the school district to enforce their policies and stop blaming the victims. 

Below is the link to the school policies if you would like to review them. Together we can keep our children safe and make our school officlals do their job.

Letter to
School Board Wallingford/Swarthmore School District
Principal George King
Superintendent Richard Noonan
I stand with all parents at the Wallingford/Swarthmore School District and demand you protect our students by removing bullies from the school.

You are aware of a severe bullying incident between two students, and yet you have failed to appropriately sanction the perpetrator. Instead, you are blaming a 12 year old girl for being a victim. This is unacceptable.

Under the anti-bullying policy you are required to investigate and take appropriate action. However, the victim is still menaced by the same student and you are taking no measures to sanction the offender, only penalize the victim.

I will not condone your failure to protect our students. Lets stop any escalation of violence! Enforce your anti-bullying policy NOW!

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