Wallingford Connecticut Residents/Parents Opposed to the consolidation our schools!

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 Wallingford Board of Education is considering options to renovate, repair, and consolidate Dag Middle School, Moran Middle School, Sheehan High School and Lyman Hall High School. The BOE is considering 6 proposed options. We are concerned option #6, which will result in one middle school and one high school, will receive serious consideration due to the financial reasons listed in the study. Consolidation would have 1200+ middle school students in one school, (Sheehan) and 1600+ children in one high school, (Lyman Hall).

On DECEMBER 10th 2018 at Lyman Hall High School auditorium, the BOE will narrow their options to 3 choices after a public meeting. This is happening! Help us stop this! Please sign our petition, add your reasons opposed and attend the DECEMBER 10th meeting!

We are opposed to options #6 and #4, as well as ANY other alternatives that will result in one middle school and/or one high school.

Option #4 has Dag as central office, Moran being grades 5-6, Sheehan 7-8 and Lyman Hall 9-12.

Option #5 has Dag as central office, Moran as 6-8, Sheehan 9-12, and Lyman Hall 9-12.

Option #6 has Moran closed, Dag as central office, Sheehan 6-8 and Lyman Hall 9-12. 


We want them to consider other options to renovate all four failing facilities. 

Our residents, parents and STUDENTS do not want this for our town. 

Reasons why we are opposed to consolidation:

  • Quality education being lost amidst all the frequency of changes i.e. K-2, 3-5 split, common core, mastery based learning and now secondary schools reconfiguring
  • Transportation length and distance
  • Transportation costs
  • Proximity to their home
  • Parking
  • Traffic concerns 
  • Town traditions i.e.. Powder Puff, Carini Bowl
  • Special needs children functioning in a large, unfamiliar environment
  • Children "at risk" and children with 504's or IEP's not getting the attention needed
  • Staff and teacher cuts. More children with less staff (staff vs student ratio)
  • Loss of personal interactions when students are "Just a number"
  • Class size 
  • Overcrowding
  • Mental Health
  • Security Risks of large schools
  • Athletics and Music will be too large to accommodate all interested children
  • Sheehan is the only school with a pool 



 The options the BOE is considering:


^Status quo

^Schools remain as they currently serve

^$15.6 million cost to Town for capital improvements.




^Renovated high schools

^capital only improvements to middle schools

^$77.7 million cost to Town



^6-12 Pathway schools(themed)

^enrollment management is an issue.

^transportation costs estimated $525,000-900,000 increase.  Annually??

^$117.2 million cost to Town


**Information provided from BOE meeting with Milone&Macbroom, Silver/Petrucelli Associates and Ed Arum Associates(former WPS Business mgr)



^Jr. High

^Dag shifted as Central Office

^Moran 5-6

^Sheehan 7-8

^ LHHS 9-12

^increased operational costs

^many transitions

^Increased transportation costs

^$114.4 million cost to Town

^BOE expressed concern of impacting elementary schools



^Themed HS(2), 1 MS

^Dag shifted as Central Office

^Moran is MS with classrooms added

^MS enrollment est. 1,200+ students

^savings to BOE $1.6-1.8 million with loss of staff.

^transportation costs not factored

^$100.8 million cost to To Town




^1HS(LH with renovations), 1MS(Sheehan with renovations)

^Dag shifted to Central Office

^Moran closed.

^1,500+student enrollment at LH, making it one of the biggest HS in State-none in our DRG

^1,200+student enrollment at Sheehan(MS), very few MS at this size in the State

^Savings of $3.9-4.2million with significant loss of staff

^transportation costs not factored in at this point

^$59.1 million cost to Town


**Cost to Town is factored with current bonding costs.