Save the Public Wall Art on Wall Street

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This petition has been launched by the Wall Street Neighborhood Association on behalf of the business owners, property owners, residents and friends of Wall Street in defence of beautiful Public Art Murals in Downtown Norwalk. 

Murals painted in our neighborhood on private commercial buildings have caused zoning violations to be issued by Norwalk City Hall/Planning and Zoning Board, who are currently regulating public art murals by the same standards of Public Signage. 

As a result of these violations, these incredible murals which have become a source of great neighborhood pride, are now covered, and risking being painted over. This would be disheartening for our neighborhood, and all of Norwalk. 

Yet, we also risk losing a brand new business that is ready to move into the currently vacant 91 Wall Street, a Smoothie Bar that also would be a huge benefit to Wall Street. It can not move in with the current violation. 

Why must we choose between new business and public art? Both will bring visitors to the area!

The owner of the property has agreed to work with the Norwalk Arts Commission to meet their guidelines and recommendations for quality Public Art, so the artwork can be saved.

So through this petition we the people of Downtown Norwalk appeal to Norwalk City Hall and Norwalk Planning and Zoning to work with us for a sensible solution. 

Is it too much to ask that we have a beautiful piece of artwork and a new business in a commercial property that was until recently blighted and vacant? 

We don’t think so! 

Please sign this petition to stand with us in defense of public art throughout Norwalk! Let’s keep things moving forward! We can do it Norwalk!