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In February 2011, Take Care Health Services, a subsidiary of Walgreen's, announced that despite record growth and high profitability, all nurse practitioners working for the company would be receiving an 8.2% pay cut.  Additionally, nurse practitioners would no longer have the autonomy to see patients as they felt appropriate or at the times they felt the patients needed care.

Concurrent to this change in the compensation and clinic operating procedures, came increasing pressures to "sell" specific clinical services.

After attempts to work out these issues directly with the company, nurse practitioners in Illinois responded by organizing a collective bargaining unit under the Illinois Nurses Association.

Contract negotiations have been slow and arduous.  Recently, Walgreen's refused to allow the Illinois Nurses Association to bring in a federal mediator.  Instead, Walgreen's lead negotiator, Marty Szostak, announced that Walgreen's would be making it's "last, final and best" offer in a "take it or leave it" proposition.

Walgreen's, one of the most profitable corporations in America, has abandoned collective bargaining.  Rather than seek compromise, Walgreen's has made an ultimatum. 

Sign this petition to show your support for the nurse practitioner of Chicago and Peoria that work in Walgreen's Take Care clinics.

Letter to
Walgreen's Lead Negotiator Martin Szostak
Walgreen's Labor Attorney Al Stark
Walgreen's - Take Care Health Heather Helle
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Walgreen's - Take Care Health Greg Wasson
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Walgreen's/Take Care Health.

Establish a Fair Contract for Nurse Practitioners in Illinois

I am a supporter of the unionized nurse practitioners at Walgreen's Take Care Health. I am deeply disappointed that as the representative of Walgreen's, you have refused a federal mediator to help to arrive at a fair and equitable contract.

Furthermore, I am deeply troubled that after an 8.2% pay cut, you remain resistant to a compensatory pay increase despite exceptional market productivity and consistently high patient engagement scores.

The needs of the NPs are clear. The nurse practitioners need a weekly wage that is as much if not more than their weekly wages in early 2011. The NPs need to be able to take time off when they are ill. The NPs must have a voice in their clinical practice and in the way they do their work. The NPs and the company need a contract that promotes both recruitment and retention.

The INA/RC-11 bargaining representatives have been clear with you about these issues and you haven't listened. Now is your chance to make this right. Get back to the bargaining table and agree to a mediator.

I stand united with the NPs of Take Care Health and urge you to get serious about this bargaining process and respect the contributions that the NPs make to this company.


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