September 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Len Arthur

The People's Assembly Wales is a network of people from all walks of life, who oppose poverty. inequality, privatisation and cuts. Anyone can join. There is no need to feel powerless. There is an alternative and it begins with you.

Join with nine other Welsh organisations and 100 trade union and community activists [see link above] by signing this petition.

We face the biggest fall in living standards in years. We need a movement on the streets; in our workplaces; in our schools, colleges and universities; and in our communities, to push the government to take the immediate and effective action necessary to protect our incomes. 

We support all strikes and protests to defend living standards during the crisis.

Welsh Government and councils to use all available levers to shield people during this crisis and supporting movements to push the UK Government to end this crisis.

Solidarity with our sister movements in other countries. The crisis is global.

Oppose attempts to deflect blame or scapegoat for a crisis created by the rich and powerful. 

We support the following to end the cost of living crisis.

  1. Wages and benefits raised to a living income. Raise the minimum wage to £15 per hour - increasing the wages of 60% of workers in Wales. Raise Universal Credit and other state benefits. Inflation proof all wages, benefits and pensions.
  2. Cut household energy bills. Introduce a permanent windfall tax on corporate profit. Nationalise energy companies. Rapidly move to renewable energy. 
  3. Rent and price controls. Make essentials such as food, housing, energy, fuel and transport, affordable.
  4. Democratic public ownership. More essential services from energy to transport run democratically for the people and planet, not profit. From council housing to universal free school meals to free or cheap public transport, we need greater collective provision of services that meet basic needs.
  5. Climate jobs. A UK government mass jobs programme to create well paid, living wage, unionised public sector jobs that can cut unemployment and carbon emissions.  
  6. Wealth tax on the rich and big companies. The money is there to end the crisis.  


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Signatures: 191Next Goal: 200
Support now