Masks Optional for Waldwick K-12

Masks Optional for Waldwick K-12

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Waldwick Board of Education

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Started by Meaghan McNamee

In light of Gov Murphy's EO 251 which will be lifted on March 7th, please consider signing this petition in an effort to get the Board of Ed to make a policy stating that Waldwick schools will make masking students optional.

It is time to acknowledge what two years of data tells us regarding Covid risks to children and take more seriously the mental, emotional and academic risks of having our children masked indefinitely. It is time for us to have a choice for our children.

What works for some may not work for all. If going maskless understandably makes you nervous - wear one. If you want your child to go to school without a mask - you can do that as well.

We strongly request that the Waldwick Board of Education provide parents the choice of whether to mask their children as soon as the governor’s state of emergency order ends. 

**Please only sign this if a resident of Waldwick, NJ**

**Please use your full name, otherwise it will not hold weight with the BOE

174 have signed. Let’s get to 200!