Change the “Wakefield Warriors” mascot in the Wakefield, MA Public School System

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Updates on Wakefield Warriors Mascot Change

Hi all, I just wanted to reach out to let you know we’ve just passed 1,015 signatures on our petition! Thank you so much for your support!

Here is an update on this situation: The Wakefield School Committee has told me that they were planning on discussing this issue in their August School Committee meeting. They have since been completely over run with needing to build contingency plans in order to have students return to class during this COVID-19 pandemic. They instead are hoping to discuss this topic in their October 2020 School Committee meeting. If you'd like to reach out to them, their contact information can be found at this web address:

The Wakefield School Committee has shared my contact information with the Wakefield Youth Council WAKE UP Coalition, who are now prioritizing this logo change and educating our less than willing to change community. This wonderful youth group can be found here: I have reached out to them to let them know that I am wishing to support their efforts and asking how I can help. 

In response to this campaign, as well as recent acts from the Wakefield Human Rights Commission, Wakefield Daily Item reporter, Mark Sardella, has created an opposing Wordpress article ( Additionally, he has teamed up with his brother, Bob Sardella, owner of Sardella Signs and Graphics, to print and sell lawn signs in support of the Wakefield Warrior logo. His brother is seemingly profiting off of these signs and this human rights issue. It's disgusting. 

I have shared this petition on Mark Sardella's Wordpress article, so hopefully individuals can also educate themselves on this side of the dispute. I intend on reaching out to the Wakefield Human Rights Commission to further support their actions. 

Thank you for your signature. Thank you for your sharing of this petition. The fight is not over. We are just starting to see opposition. 

Hailey Dodge
1 year ago