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victimisation,returning my children to my care, longer period of time

i lost may daughter 4 years ago due to a brain haemorrhage, i have suffered significant depression since her death which resulting in heavy drinking with me and my partner. My two other children were taken into care because of this, we have now addressed it but the council still wont listen to anything we say and wont give us another chance to explain and proove, we havent been given long enough to have the essential assessments done, we have a issue resolution hearing on the 18th and final hearing in june i plan to present this petition to the judge then. We have demanded further testing which has worked as my husbands last ones came back positive but mine were in normal range , we only drank socially on weekends but now we are completely abstinent. We have a clean loving home and no danger we have never been a danger ourselves but the local authority say so , we cant be when we dont drink anymore, maybe they should stand outside nightclubs on a weekend?. They can't judge something they cant see when they only do spot checks, I have disabilities and learning probs and they are also using that against me, please sign and get my boys home thanks all x

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