Keep Our Services At Phoenix Health Solutions LTD Local To Our Community

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We, with other Community Providers, were invited by Wakefield CCG (WCCG) to discuss NHS Referral to Treatment Times (RTT) in Wakefield which did not meet the National Standard target of 18wks. During the meeting we expressed our support for our local hospital who is struggling to meet demand and because our waiting times are very short we offered to expand our existing services to help.

We were, therefore, very shocked to be informed last week that to lower waiting times WCCG proposed to stop the following community services from 30 June 2018.
• ENT, 
• Gynaecology, 
• Dexa Scan,
• XRay, 
• Ultrasound, 
• MRI, 
• Ear Microsuction, 
• Minor Hand Surgery

We disagree with the WCCG proposal as we feel it will lengthen waiting times, place further pressure on the hospital and require patients to travel to hospital rather than being seen in the community.

WCCG have said it is at this stage just a proposal and asked that we respond with an ‘impact statement ‘before their final decision is made in the first week of June 18.

Because, in as far as we are aware, WCCG have not consulted with patients and we believe that you should have an opportunity to have your say.

We therefore ask that if you wish to keep the services in the Community that you send your response to the following three questions

1. What would it mean to you and your family if these Community NHS Services were withdrawn and you had to travel to hospital for the same treatment?

2. Should Community Services no longer be available, how would you feel about possibly having to wait longer before being seen in hospital?

3. Could you give 3 words that describe what having these services available in the community (rather than hospital based) mean to you?

We have not been given much time to present our response (end of May 18), we ask that you send your response to the 3 questions to or call into the unit in person we will be very happy to meet you.