Wakefield council.. make the roads safer round haw hill park normanton

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May 2018 (an accident waiting to happen)

Wakefield council the removal of traffic lights next to haw hill park on Castleford road were removed 

Residents of normanton and surrounding areas have become increasingly concerned about the effects and safety this will have on many people.

The lights were situated next to a large park use by many people visiting with there family's to cross the main road safely. It's only traffic light which were within walking distance for people to get to the local shop schools park and and other amenities as well as general use of road safety.

This was also a great traffic calming measure for cars busses lorry's ect which substantly helped the road a little safer away from the lights and footpath padestrians. 

Over the years there as been many accidents within the area and on the main road. These lights also saved alot of lives too 

We bare to think the impact this will have on everyone's safety now they have been removed 

We want are lights back!! 



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