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It is time to act and safely reopen NYC restaurants!

Dear Friend,

Join me and over 300 NYC restaurant owners in our class-action lawsuit to force NYC and NYS to allow safe indoor dining for NYC restaurants in line with restaurants throughout the rest of the state at 50% capacity.

The class-action suit points out the unfair covid-19 restrictions on this industry, which have kept tens of thousands of NYC restaurant premises closed and cost our city over 150k jobs while allowing restaurants in nearby areas to have indoor dining.

The future of the City is on the edge. The future of your business, along with the thousands of jobs and families that rely on the restaurant industry are in jeopardy.

NYC restaurants should have the same opportunities as NYS restaurants.

It is time for one set of metrics and rules!

It is time to act and safely reopen NYC restaurants!

To join or get more info on the lawsuit, please respond with:
1.  Restaurant's name and address
2. Owner's contact information: name, phone number and email address

As always, you can call me directly for more information: (347) 398-6161

In solidarity,
NYC Councilman Mark Gjonaj
Chair, NYC Council's Small Business Committee 

Mark Gjonaj
9 months ago