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Healthy Fast Food Initiative

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All the major fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, and many others too often get away with using known poisons in their food. These unethical practices are leading to many major diseases effecting not only us, but our children even more. As adults we are less susceptible to the generally small amounts of poisons such as MSG (Monsodium Glutamate), trans-fats, artificial dies, BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole), and more. However, our children are much more susceptible to even the smallest amounts of these poisons. Click this link to learn more.


We need to put a stop to the use of all these poisons that are being put into our food. This problem also goes beyond fast food and onto your local grocery store shelves. All of the processed food sold in our local stores is just as poisonous as fast food. Go take a look at the World Health Organization's studies on processed food and it's link to Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and more. Click this link to learn more.


We also need to call out the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the AHA (American Heart Association), the ADA (American Diabetes Association), the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and any other government association that is participating in the poisoning of our people. Take a stand against them, e-mail them and your local government officials and tell them that you know what is going on. That you know they are lying to the American people and we won't stand for it. Visit the links below to let our government know how we feel.





Please sign this petition to help end the use of poison's in our food. 

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