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Hospitals, insurance and medical bills! What if the other person doesn't have it?

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This is not something we ever dream is going to happen to us, our family, our loved ones. However, here in NC we face huge financial difficulties when someone is killed in an accident. If, more accurately when, the person who caused the accident does not have insurance or the bare minimum the family is left with outstanding medical bills. In this particular case the driver of the vehicle is an illegal alien. If we can believe the name given is the correct name? So, while fighting for his life for 11 days the hospital, doctors, nurses did all that they could to save our beloved David Llewellyn. Then came the point that a decision had to be made and sadly it was to take him off of life support. It doesn't end there. Now the bills are rolling in. David, along with his son, Harley were just out for an evening ride. Minding their own business, heading home to eat dinner. That never happened. David is now in a much better place, Harley is still out of work. Thank God for a great company that is supporting him in his recovery and not ditching him for missing months of work. The problem is this....with nearly one MILLION in medical debt that could eventually surpass that amount how is anyone going to pay all of that? If it were just David's debt I would say put the bills back in the box. When someone is 21 years old and starts his adult life with 100s of thousands of dollars in medical debt what is right about that? Nothing! I would like for the hospital to take the money from both of their private medical insurance and write the rest off. This kid doesn't deserve to have collections that he can never pay ruining his chance for good credit down the line. There is the saying that no one can be turned away based on their ability to pay. Why in this situation would an institution expect full payment? I know there are many others in this same financial nightmare...some maybe even the same circumstance. If someone is in our country illegally, has no insurance and disappears into the night why should anyone have to pay above what their private insurance pays? I understand the need of any company to earn and receive payment. This is just putting undue hardship and stress on a wife who lost her husband and her son was severely injured too. Please sign, share and look up the news story on WXII for details and description of the person who should have this responsibility!

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