Bring Semi Professional Football Back to Wake County NC

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Hello my name is Jonathan Kauth and I help coach the Carolina Dragons we are an adult semi professional football team who competes in the IAFL. However we are one of many organizations who play football every spring, summer, and fall in the United States. Teams are always an interestingly diverse cross section of people from various backgrounds and ability levels from young people who are trying to do something positive with their free time or older gentlemen like the 62 year old UVA professor who is kicking in Virginia for a semi pro team there, or young athletes who are trying to make it to either college athletics or even professional football  All of these people are bound together with a love for the game as these are all unpaid hopefuls led by volunteer coaches The list of positives provided to a community can be huge such as myself who uses my involvement as part of my overall treatment plan for combat related PTSD. The issue at hand is getting quality venues for young (and old) men to play the game that they love. 

The fact is though that us and many other teams face a veritable blackball by school administrators in Wake County and neighboring counties when it comes to renting fields owned by the PUBLIC school system. These very same fields and stadiums sit idle for much of the year in particular in the spring, summer, weekends etc. These very same fields are paid for mostly with tax payers money. As such the Wake County School System has a process in place to request fields and other school facilities in place. However part of that process is to get approval from the specific school in order to rent the facilities and that is often times where any attempt to bring semi pro football to a local community ends as Athletic Directors across the county refuse to entertain adult football teams in their field needs. It is my sincere belief that a bulkhead of the reason for this blackball is rooted in an underlying racism in the county as most of the participants in the area are people of color and unfortunately certain prejudices have led to schools holding our publicly paid for property away from members of our community.

Nobody is asking for teams not to pay for their time on the fields or facilities, nobody wants there to be no standards of conduct enforced and nobody wants to ruin the grass. What we do want is for the Wake County School System to immediately design and implement new guidance that if any organization wishes to utilize their athletic fields for private or non profit athletic activities and meets the [payment requirements and insurance requirements listed on the wake county school board site listed here that unless the school administration can show that class is in session or that the field is being used for high school athletics at the time in question that whatever facilities being requested must be made available to the requesting organization. In other words stop letting the Athletic Directors, Boosters, Principles have any say in publicly owned property usage provided that the children's activities are not affected. By allowing this to happen we can make more opportunities available make people better through sport and foster a greater sense of community at large and possibly even provide some economic opportunities to the communities surrounding our schools.

This petition along with a presentation will be made to an open session of the Wake County School Board at a date that will be determined in the future. Thank You and God Bless!

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