WCPSS Do What is Right for Carver Students

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The Wake County Board of Education is proposing Carver Elementary be forced to change from a modified to a traditional calendar beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. This was proposed last February but put on hold in May after hearing from many upset parents and teachers who did not welcome this change. The issue has now found its way back to the forefront, seemingly not for discussion, but for a formal decision on October 3, 2017.

Wake County is the largest public school district in North Carolina, and the 15th largest district in the U.S. Wake County Public Schools should be lobbying for MORE schools to follow the modified calendar instead of LESS. Modified truly combines the best of traditional with the best of year-round. Numerous studies have shown that periodic breaks during the year and shorter summers help students learn and retain knowledge more efficiently. Up until this point, Wake County has offered traditional, year-round, or modified calendar options for elementary schools in the eastern part of the county. By removing Carver as a modified option, that leaves only one other Eastern Wake Elementary modified option- a charter school with a very long wait list to get in.

 Here are the differences between modified and traditional for comparison: 

  • Modified calendar: School starts in late July; in session for 9 weeks with 1 day off; 2 week Fall break; in session for 9 weeks with 4 intermittent days off; 2.5 weeks Winter break; in session for 9 weeks with 2 intermittent days off; 2 week Spring break; in session 9 weeks with 1 day off; school ends in late May=180 instructional days. Track-out camps are available during the 2 week breaks.
  • Traditional calendar: School starts in late August; in session for 17 weeks with 7 intermittent days off; 1.5 weeks Winter break; in session 12 weeks with 3 intermittent days off; 1.5 weeks Spring break; in session 9 weeks with 1 day off; school ends in early June=180 instructional days

Would you want to be the teacher in a classroom full of students when you reached the 17th straight week of school with only a day off here or a day off there but no extended break? We have a great respect for what our teachers do, and they need breaks just as much as the students do! They also need to pay their bills. Teachers at Carver, who are currently paid monthly, have just learned under these changes they would not receive a paycheck after the end of June until the end of September 2018. 

WCPSS states that this change, along with other proposed calendar changes in the county, is to attract more students to attend schools that have lower enrollment. However, the district also needs to figure out how it will deal with smaller state-mandated class sizes which begin in 2018 for K-third grade in an area of the county that is growing. Our nearest neighboring elementary school is a magnet choice on a traditional calendar. Carver is not a magnet school, which may account for why more students apply to our neighbor school instead of Carver.

This proposal also reassigns some students with the subsequent proposed application school changes. Carver won't even be an option anymore for many of us who have had our children there for their entire elementary school career! Instead of diversifying the options in our area, this plan will essentially revert us to limited year-round or traditional choices, forcing some to seek schooling options other than WCPSS. As large of a community as we have in Eastern Wake County, it is upsetting that we can’t offer more choices here “at home.” 

Many of our families had little to no experience with a modified schedule prior to coming to Carver, and the majority of parents we talk with outside of the school now still believe it is a year-round school. IT IS NOT YEAR-ROUND! If more education is provided to the community about what the modified calendar looks like, and we have modified middle school options made available in our area, everyone will want to be on the modified calendar! It really is the ideal schedule for students, teachers, and parents. We love our modified calendar! Please tell the Wake County Board of Education to keep it that way!

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Other ways to have your voice heard: Oct 3, 2017 Board meeting at 5:30 pm is open to the public at 5625 Dillard Drive, Cary, NC 27518

Leave feedback about proposed calendar changes: Click here or visit https://wcpss.granicusideas.com/discussions/2018-19-enrollment-proposal-draft-1/topics/feedback-about-calendar-changes

Leave feedback about proposed application school changes: Click here or visit https://wcpss.granicusideas.com/discussions/2018-19-enrollment-proposal-draft-1/topics/feedback-about-proposed-application-school-changes

Leave feedback about proposed grandfathering rules: Click here or visit https://wcpss.granicusideas.com/discussions/2018-19-enrollment-proposal-draft-1/topics/feedback-about-proposed-grandfathering-changes

(drafted by concerned Parents of Carver Elementary)

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