Egmont Village Road Safety Concerns

Egmont Village Road Safety Concerns

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Waka Kotahi

Why this petition matters

Egmont Village Community has had enough of speeding traffic and excessive noise on SH 3 through their Village.

We are not asking for an expensive roundabout just safer road conditions. The similar size village of Urenui on SH3 29kms north of New Plymouth enjoys: 50kph, 50kph in 200 metres signage, No engine braking signage and electronic speed signs indicating an individual’s speed. So it begs the question why Egmont Village doesn’t enjoy the same?

In fact our situation poses more health and safety concerns than Urenui.

The busy intersection is gateway for residents and many tourists with Mt Taranaki a major attraction on upper Egmont Road as well as access to a large industrial area at the end of lower Egmont Road.  Lower Egmont Road is used by many large truck and trailer units hence the use of noisy engine brakes by some drivers approaching the intersection. The intersection lanes are narrow and it’s a harrowing experience waiting to make a turn into upper or lower Egmont Road, with multiple vehicles large and small approaching from north and south on SH3 at 70kpm or more.

Egmont Village School classrooms bordering the main road are unable to open windows for ventilation due to road noise. In the current Covid pandemic climate, this goes against the Ministry of Health recommendations that schools adequately ventilate classrooms and not rely on air-conditioning.

Our increasing primary school role of 170 plus pupils borders SH3 and many parents would attest to the hazards posed by the intersection as they drop or collect children twice daily during peak hour traffic. One of our school parents has already been involved in a serious crash here.  The school, garage, Mitchells concrete and Simply Divine Café also have exits within a few metres of the intersection making exiting hazardous. Egmont Village Bike Parts, Chooks Pumping and Engineering and multiple homes also have exits within 200 metres.

Currently the speed limit is 70 km per hour which on observation is frequently abused. The road noise from traffic including heavily laden semi trailer and truck units is affecting residents, school pupils and teachers, business users, and visitors alike.

We ask that the speed limit be reduced to 50kms and the signs be relocated 500mtrs both north and southwards allowing plenty of time for drivers to slow down prior to reaching the intersection.  We are also seeking  an improved traffic management system at the intersection itself.

We understand that speed limit changes take time so we are asking for the following interim measures to be implemented in the more immediate future:-

Signage is erected indicating "70kph in 200mtrs", "NO engine braking please" and "major intersection ahead", and electronic speed indicators which we have been advised are the single most effective tool in slowing traffic. None of these would be overly expensive and could be quickly erected.

We are posting this petition to ask for support for our quest for a safer, quieter road through Egmont Village. 

851 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!