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Are you aware of the health problems linked to sugary drinks? If not here is a little summary of what can happen if you drink sugary drinks. Sugary drinks range from having 5 teaspoons of sugar in them to 20 teaspoons plus depending on the volume of the drink. The daily average a teenage girl should be consuming is 6 teaspoons but study is shown that teenage girls in New Zealand consumer over 25 teaspoons a day on average. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate which in theory means it is being digested quickly, giving a quick burst of energy before leaving you feeling empty. It has no essential nutrients and therefore is not an essential in the diet. Consuming too much sugar can contribute to calorie excess and weight gain, increasing your risk for obesity and obesity-related diseases, including Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay leading to tooth extraction. This is not something we want to see in the students of Waitaki girls high school. By selling sugary drinks such as juices and flavored milks and waters at the canteen, the school is giving them the opportunity to overconsume sugar and promoting it. I think that it is great that we already have no fizzy drink and energy drink being sold at the canteen but what most people don’t realize is that fruit juice and flavored milks and waters can contain the same amounts of sugar as fizzy drinks. We propose that a no sugary drink policy at the school is pursued which would mean, no sugary drinks being sold at the canteen and if a girl is seen with a sugary drink that she is asked politely to put it away and take it home. This would decrease the consumption of sugary drinks in our school and perhaps have a benefit on their families at home if an article was put in the next newsletter stating why the school has pursued this. This would also show that our school is health conscious and we feel that this is a very good reputation to have in the community as we can role model for the other schools in Oamaru and around the country. We have got the students on board with this idea already and they are all for it which is the positive attitude we need about this topic. Please consider our proposal and you are welcome to question us further about the topic and the vision we have.

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