Keep Waikato District Residents Access to Libraries.

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On 30 September 2018 Waikato District residents lost their access to Hamilton City Libraries as the Waikato District Council decided to no longer fund this.

There has been no decrease in rates for Waikato District residents in reflection of this reduction in services, in fact the Waikato District Council plans a 6.24% general rate increase!

Every educator boasts the importance of reading for young children especially. It develops their language skills, exercises their brain, enhances their concentration and encourages a thirst for knowledge amongst many other benefits.

Without access to local libraries the children of these homes are greatly disadvantaged. In this day and age to withdraw such a basic service as library access from thousands of rate paying residents is irresponsible and completely against what they should be encouraging.

By signing this petition we are urging the Waikato District Council to reintroduce access for Waikato District residents to their local libraries free from any additional charge. 

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