Call to sack Waikato DHB [acting] CEO Derek Wright and Board Chair Sally Webb

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Acting CEO Derek Wright and Board Chair Sally Webb, went behind the Board members backs and made the decision to ask for a new Coronors Enquiry into the suicide of former mental health patient Nicky Stevens.

The Coroner has already found the DHB partly responsible for Nicky's death 4 years ago, and the DHB should then have accepted liability for their known wrongdoing, and settled with Nicky's family.

But Derek Wright and Sally Webb, without consulting a single member of the Board, decided to give in to the DHB's insurer, and ask for a new Inquest, just days after telling the family that the end of the process was very close.

There is a naturally a growing media interest in this mess, as not only are these 2 causing further torment to Nicky's family, they have brought the Waikato DHB into serious disrepute, and they need to go.

This petition calls on the elected Board members to sack both Derek Wright and Sally Webb, and appoint new leadership who can resolve this saga quickly and appropriately, with no further stress to Nicky's family.

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