We want the Chinese van back

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We want the Chinese van back

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Mengfan Li started this petition to Wageningen UR


WUR has forbidden the van of Eastern Express from coming onto campus, but we think this is a wrong and unjust decision. If you agree, and want to have the van back, please sign our petition!

Mengfan Li, MSc Plant Sciences, from China


Dear Members of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR,

Recently it has been decided that the van of Chinese catering service Eastern Express should be banned on all University premises including student accommodation buildings. With this petition we would like to request that Eastern Express be allowed again to deliver ordered meals to University premises, on the grounds that:

1.  We trust that the concerns and welfare of students and staff, including Chinese and other international students and staff, are at the heart of WUR.

2.  We really miss the food from Eastern Express! It is good food, good service, and good value for money. It adds to the diversity of meal choices and the delivery service is convenient. As WUR states on the WUR website: “You can eat in the restaurant or use the takeaway service. Some Chinese restaurants also make home deliveries.” (Link: http://www.wageningenur.nl/en/International-students-and-staff/whats-on-in-wageningen/Extracurriculair-activities/Food.htm)

3.  Although it was true that some years ago people could just buy meals from the Eastern Express van without ordering in advance, this stopped and we can only get meals if we ordered with them in advance.

4.  Any smell and litter resulting from Eastern Express meals are the responsibilities of students and staff, not of Eastern Express. If anyone should be punished or disciplined for that, it should be the individuals who littered or ate in the wrong places. By the same logic, should a city government then shut down an Albert Heijn because people litter AH packages and beer cans on the street? Or ban a fish van from the Open Market because of its smell and kibbeling packages littered by customers? After all, some Dutch cheeses give very strong smells too.

5.  It seems that other catering services (such as thuisbezorgd.nl, Domino’s pizza, Jerusalem, Bakker Bart, etc.) are not banned from the campus, as we still see delivery people walking freely into student flat buildings. Sadly, this creates an unfair and discriminate situation in which Eastern Express is banned, and everybody else is allowed. We think the ban should apply to all catering services in Wageningen (which may then require the formation of a WUR policing team), or to no one.

6.  We appreciate the effort of WUR to watch for our health and thus food safety and hygiene of Eastern Express, but it is not the responsibility of WUR to be concerned with Eastern Express’ standard of food safety and hygiene. Is this not what the NVWA (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit) is for? If Eastern Express doesn’t have to comply with WUR food requirements or invest in these areas; unfortunately thuisbezorgd.nl, Domino’s pizza, Jerusalem, Bakker Bart also don’t, and therefore should also be banned from delivering their food to students and staff. We are adults who would like to make our own choices when it comes to what to eat.

7.  Many of us chose Wageningen UR for its academic excellence as well as the freedom, diversity, and embracing of international cultures, we long to have these things back.

We really hope WUR will soon lift the ban on meal deliveries by Eastern Express, and we can enjoy their food and our freedom again.


Yours sincerely,

[your name, WUR programme / teaching position, your country]

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This petition had 282 supporters

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