Hire Olivia back at Waffle House

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   My name is Olivia! 

 I am a 22 year old, former employee of Waffle House in Creedmoor North Carolina.

My employment was terminated after the review of an incident that occurred between my ex and myself. My ex called all my managers and corporate on me to make sure I was left with nothing when we separated. 

If you ask ANY of my customers if they would like to have me back the answer will be "YES!" and I can prove it. My coworkers miss working with me and how hard I worked. And I know the manager does too.

I didn't deserve to lose the job I had fallen in love with in the close to 6 months I worked there over someone coming there to start problems with me. But , he is no longer local and not ever allowed at that Waffle House again. 

I would love the opportunity to come back and it seems the only possible way I could get It back is if enough people say I should!

I appreciate and love you all !