WAEC needs a new principal

WAEC needs a new principal

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Why this petition matters

It was brought to my attention that kids are still not permitted to bring snacks in for Easter or any holiday for that matter to pass out. I was also made aware that this isn't a district wide decision, but that it is a decision that was put in place due to the principal Mrs. Jennifer Hobbs,  because she would rather not deal with it. It doesn't have to do with covid or allergies or anything to that nature.

I understood the rule when covid first came about but now i feel as if she is overstepping with this and robbing our young children of being able to enjoy holidays and time with their friends. We as parents are teaching our children to share and be kind. And our children get so excited to pass out treats, but we aren't permitted to send anything in. We as parents are enforcing our young to be kind respectful and always share. The principal is teaching them completely opposite of that though. So as parents, what's right for our children when the principal won't do anything to protect our young. 

Mrs. Hobbs needs to be reminded that these are young children and they only get to be little for a little while. This is the time in their lives that they get to do these things. Once they get to middle school their whole world changes. No more recess, no more individual classes. It's all hustle and class changes, lockers, more bullies and their whole world changes. And if she cannot understand this then we need a new principal who does have some understanding and compassion. 

Why can a child in LSS bring home stuffed animals and snacks but yet our other children can not. And stuffed animals that have corroded battery acid in the back of it and was obviously used. That doesn't seem to be fair at all.


This is our children's only elementary experience and covid has robbed our young of a lot of it already, so why should we continue to allow this principal to continue to do so when it's not necessary to do so.

When will our children be able to go back to the way things were.


Us Parents need to sign a petition to remove Mrs. Hobbs as our principal. Hopefully we get enough signatures for the district to realize that things need to change. How many children have been removed form the district because parents don't like the principal or the way things are handled. Our district is in the lower 50% of the 706 Pennsylvania district rankings. Our children work so hard to get a proper education but yet we have staffing shortage, children are being bullied. Children are getting hurt and not being notified by the elementary school, children are coming home stating they are being yelled at all day. WAEC has some amazing staff. And some staff who truly love their job and care for children and then some who just seem to have lost the passion for their job. But yet when you bring it to the principals attention, nothing is done and she backs her employees up rather than protecting our children and continues to lie to parents to cover her school. Many have stated it. 

Warren Area Elementary Center needs a new principal or our principal needs to be retrained in her jobline to have a heart for such young children and not be so uptight. We as parents are our children's advocate and we need to do what's right to let our young be children and enjoy their childhood rather than continuing to be robbed from them. 


52 have signed. Let’s get to 100!