Waddle Off Disney

Waddle Off Disney

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On April 13th 2022 at approx. 1:30PM (PDT), it was announced CPRewritten would be shut down effectively due to a full request by Disney as a now currently ongoing copyright investigation was launched.

In 2017 Disney announced the discontinuation of the original Club Penguin site with all servers being shut down officially on March 30th of the same year. This sprouted the creation of many private servers run by fans in the community that wanted to keep the memory of Club Penguin alive rather than fade into obscurity, and one that would come about would be Club Penguin Rewritten- a community project that aimed to continuously work towards preserving and improving the original Club Penguin experience as well as committing to remain as faithful as possible.

 Club Penguin Rewritten has been active for more than half a decade, amassing its own devoted fanbase and team of dedicated developers who did not implement any in-game paid features (ie. Membership) for personal profit. Players were not being marketed or sold any exclusive products that were marked with the Club Penguin name that translated into physical currency.

The investigation is still ongoing, however there are still many devoted fans.
Petitions are demonstrations of group unity and strength and a call into action to be heard in a court of law.

This petition argues that:

 - Many original files have been drastically modified and changed in some way, particularly with the conversion from the Flash format to HTML. Files were rewritten or overhauled for better efficiency, with even some in-game items being completely new and original assets and designs. It was also never hosted on the original domain that was left open in 2017.

Club Penguin Rewritten kept a "Copyright" section and many active notices of their unaffiliation with the Disney Company, as well as not infringing on any other Disney licenses or references. Disney Interactive has also laid off many of its Club Penguin branches including the Company's UK office in Brighton being shut down in April 17, 2015. It is worth calling into question the true integrity and who is representing the Club Penguin license in this complaint if there still is any active division.

This petition asks that:

- It is recognized that the suspects represent an active community of over 7,000,000 registered accounts with a regular total of 5,000 online players everyday, some of those active accounts being years old. This fanbase is not Disney's fanbase but rather their own collective following they had made and gathered due to their own efforts over the duration of five years.

- For any potential copyright charges given to the accused to be lessened or reconsidered.

- That the total amount of signatures are seen and recognized as people who openly disagree and are against Disney's action against independent developers who are their own fans that originally wanted to preserve a product Disney discontinued themselves of their own accord.


15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!