Wacom please, let users see the cursor moving while scrolling

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Wacom has deliberately decided to lock the cursor on screen while panning/scrolling. Why? No one knows, but we know that it's not what we are looking for.

Last useful driver update is 6.3.25-5 (not even available on their website anymore), since then the tablet began to misbehave, driving many users mad.
Wacom says that "The current way the driver handles scrolling by keeping the cursor still will not be reversed. Neither will the option to use either scrolling modes be introduced through a toggle" and that "Most of the older users didn't even notice the change" but it's literally not possible to ignore this change.

Maybe the ones who are fair with that own a Wacom tablet just to browse memes and sh*t, but there is a ton of professionals out there whose workflow has been compromised by this lack of sight on what's important to paying users.

I know this isn't about women rights, plastic freedom or other great causes, but we are the ones whose job is to communicate (great causes too), and Wacom isn't helping.

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