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Halt the rezoning of the property at 4315 Flat Rock Road from single family residential development to a multi family residential development.

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The rezoning of property at 4315 Flat Rock Road in the China Spring area comes with a host of potential and real issues: 

The purpose of the proposed rezoning is to make the 40 acre area a two family, or duplex, development rather than a single family residential development.  The following points clearly explain our opposition to the proposed rezoning:     

1. Increased stress and use of our already burdened roads. We simply cannot take on additional traffic at this time. Travelers on Flat Rock Road are already subjected to excessive traffic daily.  The addition of 80 duplexes would just increase these traffic issues and create serious safety issues in the China Spring Intermediate School area.    

2. Crime is likely to increase with the type of development being proposed. Research clearly shows a direct correlation between multi-family housing and an increase in crime, particularly property crimes when multi-family housing is surrounded by single family dwellings. Also, there is a real possibility of an increase in violent crimes.  This reality, coupled with the current lack of a police presence in the Flat Rock Road area, are a cause for grave concern.  It is worth noting that there is very little police presence in the China Spring area.  Increased presence, with the addition of duplex housing, would be a necessity to keep our neighborhoods safe.     

3. Our schools are not equipped to handle a large influx of students. The addition of duplex housing would likely add hundreds of students to China Spring ISD in a relatively short period of time as research shows the student density per acre is significantly higher in duplex developments than in single family developments. China Spring does not have the facilities or staff to deal with rapid student population growth. Furthermore, our schools are funded primarily by residents, as we have a very small business tax base. Adding these students, without the addition of tax monies comparable to what is generated by single family homes, would create a difficult situation at best.  Our recently passed bond issue would prevent the district from pursuing additional capital improvement (new classroom space and facilities) funds from voters for several years.  Our current student population aw well as new students who move into the proposed duplexes would likely suffer, based on class size, as a result of the addition of several hundred students to our district in a short period of time.  

4. Lower property values of single family dwellings in the area.

5. The lack of buy-in or concern for the community by renters will  create another set of issues for our community.  Property owners care deeply about their neighborhoods, the surroundings, and about what is happening in the school district and community as a whole. Renters, traditionally, do not seem to share this vision.  This is a great concern to property owners in the area.  

6. Homeowners in the nearby neighborhoods purchased their homes with the understanding this area was platted for single family homes.  To rezone this property now would be unfair to these property owners. 

7. There is already an excess of multi family and high density homes in the community, with 142 duplexes (total 284 units) and 120 apartments (Riviera Apartment complex).  China Spring is historically a farming community, and although it has changed, there does not need to be any further multi family homes in the area.  Within at 2 mile radius of the proposed zoning change, there exist duplexes on Peony, Hyacinth, Orchid, Lilac, Cordova, Valencia and Salem Way. Additionally, there is already zoning for other high density lots (R-3E) in this area on Salem Way.  

8. The alternative to the 80 duplexes (160 units) is a 130 home, single family dwelling development.  This will offer slower growth in both traffic and student population for our schools.  Additionally, the vast majority of these single family homes will, most likely, be occupied by owners rather than renters.    



Please consider supporting our efforts to halt the development of the Flat Rock Road duplexes by signing this petition.  Please feel free to leave comments as well, as the comments are a valuable part of our efforts.  

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