Change towards sexual harassment and Women in sport

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Last Monday I was a victim of unwanted sexual harassment at a sporting association I currently am involved with. Because this was done in an environment where everyone should feel safe, little was done when I reported this person's behaviour. 

I was asked the usual questions of sexual harassment- "are you sure you didn't see differently?"  "There isn't enough evidence as people didn't see him do such a thing". Not once was the man who was involved in the behaviour towards me questioned. Not once was my experience acknowledged and the difficult consequences I now have to deal with based on the fact it 'wasn't seen". To add, the people at this particular association knew the person who I was reporting. I believe that is a conflict of interest. 

I am making this petition to present to the association before I report my story to the police. I am wanting enough signatures to present to the association to make an impact and make sure that safer 'mediations' are carried out. I want to make sure that they question the accusers- not the victim of this reoccurring and common behaviours. I want them to realise the implications this can cause someone. I want them to be aware of the harm involved. 

Please feel free to share! I am really wanting the community to get behind and for change to occur. This happens far too often and change needs to happen. 

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