Say no to an additional 5500 properties in Baldivis

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Do we need another 5500 houses in Baldivis, especially in an area that was never zoned for large scale residential estates??

In late 2017 Stockland purchased approximately 350 hectares of land (on the east side of the freeway) for around $30m.

That land is currently not zoned for large scale housing.

In mid 2018 The state government released planning documents that have the site now as a ‘planning investigation site’ and the state is going to be considering the site as part of a state wide strategy.

In 2018 I raised this issue through the state government as well as internally at the City and the Director General for State planning attended a meeting at the city and I raised several very serious concerns. Mainly around the massive development (some would say over development) and what that does to the area.

I have always stressed that Stockland have done nothing wrong, they are simply reading the market and land-banking here, as they do throughout the Country.

We are potentially only a year away from the State making a decision one way or another to approve this land or not and it is important to remember that any future development may yet take 10 years to release to the market.

1. Baldivis is over developed as it is, putting downward pressure on house prices and creating more social concerns.
2. It is hard for any local government to keep up with the necessary infrastructure that comes with growth.
3. We have less local jobs that most other cities and simply adding more housing will only make that worse.
4. That developers have easier access to state planning than normal residents and cities perhaps have, this does not give a level playing field.                                         5. There are business owners (examples being jet ski park, water ski park and farms) in place and building houses near them would be problematic as future residents could challenge their right to trade!

I think my views on this are well known. It is time, in my opinion, to take a pause on residential development where possible. We already have thousands of blocks that have been previously approved ready to hit the market, as well as the future Karnup structure plans. To add another 5000 - 5500 lots could have really serious negative implications for the suburb , we already have over 11,000 houses in the suburb.

It is light industrial and light commercial land that is needed more than housing, land that can actually be used for employment opportunities such as retail, shopping precincts, leisure, warehouses etc.

There are still hundreds of blocks in Baldivis that have already been approved , that are yet to hit the market but the power is in the Planning Ministers hands to ensure that this suburb does not suffer more social issues, planning issues, as well as putting a financial strain on current property owners through the releasing of another 5500 residential lots that were never previously planned for!

No to this land being zoned residential.

If the State government feels that this land needs to be rezoned then we are asking them to consider alternative zoning other than residential.