Save the current Warren District Hospital from demolition.

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TO THE HONOURABLE MINISTER FOR HEALTH, MENTAL HEALTH: Please call an immediate halt to planned demolition of the Warren District Hospital. We strongly believe that demolishing the current Warren District Hospital will affect our community greatly. The use of this large facility could help to address many issues we have in the Warren area. We have many elderly people awaiting aged care at Moonya (the only aged care facility in town). These people are in hospital which creates extra pressure on the hospital system and we are concerned as to what will happen to the frail elderly when the current hospital is demolished. Mental health in our town is in crisis, as is drug and alcohol abuse. Often mental health patients are sent by ambulance or taxi to Bunbury, which is not suitable and adds extra pressure to Bunbury and puts a huge strain on our volunteer ambulance personnel. The need for safe houses, at times just a good night's rest for new mums, and for carers of those with special needs is always a need in our community. We have many young people with disabilities who need care and currently they end up in a nursing home which is wrong. Many community groups such as the dementia group need a facility where sufferers can go for the day to give them stimulation and give their carers respite. Medical specialists visit our current hospital on a regular basis and it is our understanding there is only limited space for visiting specialists in the new hospital. This is unacceptable as we need more medical specialists visiting the district, not less. The new hospital does not have a nursery - so where will sick babies go when a controlled, safe environment is needed? There is also a need for dialysis and palliative care facilities. These health needs are only the tip of the iceberg and there are many other things the existing hospital could be used for to benefit the Manjimup district. We ask you as the Western Australian Minister for Health to immediately halt the plans to demolish the Warren District Hospital and facilitate the development of services in this large complex which will keep loved ones in our community near their families and friends.