Call on WA Labor to stop the waste of taxpayers' funds, implement what works!

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The State Government continues to pour taxpayers' money into ineffective solutions under the guise of "tackling the meth scourge", yet they refuse to look into models which have proven to work. One of those models is that of Shalom House. 

The aim of this petition is to get the Government to finally start listening, to come out and have a look at Shalom House, what we do it and meet those who have gone and are going through it. Perhaps this will help them implement solutions that work, stop replacing illegal addictions with legal ones and finally help those in need, and help their families. 

Please help us by signing this petition and calling on the WA Labor cabinet to give us THREE HOURS of their time, have a comprehensive overview of Shalom House and our program. To believe what Shalom is accomplishing without actually seeing it is impossible. We do not wish to defame the Government and are happy to have a private tour with the Premier and Health Minister, along with the Police Commissioner who has already been out to Shalom.


The Government's yesterday announced over $42 million of taxpayers funds to go towards things such as: 

- $4.83 million for a 10 bed crisis centre in Midland - a place where a person can come to rest after a bender for up to THREE WEEKS before going back out to do the exact same thing they did before they checked in; 
- nearly half a million for PLANNING things such as compulsory rehabilitation and expansion of existing programs in regional areas; 
- $9.2 million towards DEVELOPMENT (not implementation or ongoing costs) of services in the Kimberley; 
- $2.34 million for FOUR withdrawal beds in the Kimberley;
- $1.52 million to expand needle syringe exchange programs; 
- $150,000 towards RAISING AWARENESS of the needle syringe exchange programs. 

- to name a few. Now I’m not saying all this is bad, and I am not after the Governments money but I can say that I believe if the Government works with me that together the program that we have developed can be rolled out across Australia, you don’t have to call it Shalom, call it “Mark’s House”.

At Shalom House, we have 140 residents and it costs the Government - nothing! The only person it costs something is the addict who is here because of the consequences of their choices. The cost to that person is $300 per week; or $12,000 per year. Included in this cost is: 
- accommodation
- utilities
- mentoring or counselling for the resident 
- mentoring or counselling for the resident's partner, parents, children 
- obtaining of all information relating to the resident - 100% of ID, record of their debts, police clearances 
- helping the resident deal with any outstanding court matters 
- giving the resident access to a general practitioner, psychiatrist and a dentist 
- addressing any physical health issues the resident might have 
- detoxing the resident, cold-turkey 
- helping the resident leave Shalom House 100% debt-free, employed full time and adequately skilled to set them up for the rest of their lives
- restoring their families and relationships with most of their loved ones.

The list could go on, but the final outcome is an addiction-free, full, whole, complete and restored individual. (Off most prescription drugs)

How can the Government then justify investing nearly $5 million into 10 beds or $2.34 into four beds that will only serve as resting stops in between benders? 

How can the Government justify spending nearly $5 million into 10 beds in the City of Swan under the guise of "tackling the meth scourge" when they have not lifted a finger to stop the City of Swan spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, in fact close to one million, in legal fees to shut down a place that is effectively working at restoring the lives of men and families in our community; a place that IS well and truly tackling the meth scourge one person and family at a time?

Please help us by signing this petition and calling on the WA Labor cabinet to give us THREE HOURS of their time, have a comprehensive overview of Shalom House and our program. 


Surely, before spending close to half a billion dollars of taxpayers money the government should show a bit of due diligence, especially when an organisation like Shalom House that has been operating over eight years, with not one single Police or Emergency service vehicle ever entering our property.

Enough is enough - show the Government it is time to stop wasting our hard earned money on things they think make them sound or look like they are doing something to help. Have those funds redirected into seniors, schools, helping struggling families pay their bills instead. 

I know in my heart that Shalom is working, it’s working not just at restoring the lives of men, women and entire families in our community and at NO COST to the Government. We need to work together on this.