Maintain your right of choice

Maintain your right of choice

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Started by Peter Parker

Workcover WA wants to take away WA workers right of choice of representation. Currently you can choose to have a lawyer assist you or someone like me, a non legally qualified Independent Registered Agent. If you can't get a lawyer to help you, (because it's not commercially viable for them), or you don't wish to use a lawyer (you might have had a previous bad experience) then you will have no assistance if you have to attend Workcover WA.

You will be unrepresented and will likely suffer huge prejudice. Interestingly Workcover WA is going to allow insurers to keep their non legally qualified Technical Officers to attend at Workcover, whom like me have many years of experience behind them. They will crucify unrepresented injured workers.

I and the other Independent Registered Agents have 25 years plus of experience and we have helped thousands of West Australians through the workers compensation process.

Let us keep doing what we do well.

This petition is to tell Mr McGowan and his government not to do away with injured workers right of choice and that the Registered Agent scheme should remain as is.

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42 have signed. Let’s get to 50!