Protect Venues In Western Australia from Noise Restrictions

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People that love entertainment venues we need your help NOW! 

The State Government is seeking public feedback on proposed noise reforms which will give local governments substantial powers to make Special Entertainment Precincts around venues and set noise levels for those precincts. The first area for this to be applied in is your favourite nightspot Perth/Northbridge.

We need to make our voices heard and tell them that we want our venues protected! If we don’t speak up some of our favourite venues are at risk!

We want an exciting city and we want our venues to able to cater for the millions of people that enjoy them each year. We don’t want venues to have to lower their noise levels, close their outdoor areas or potentially close altogether if they can’t comply! 

The needs of a few residents and developers that CHOOSE to live or build near venues should not come before the hospitality industry.

Entertainment venues want:

- protections from residential complaints and for the needs of venues to be put ahead of complaining residents and developers.

- developers who build near an entertainment venue to shoulder the cost of attenuating their buildings. 

- venues with outdoor areas to be protected given that they are difficult to attenuate yet often the most popular part of a venue.

- venues to be allowed to emit their current level of noise until their closing time. 

- significant venues that are not part of a precinct but are either historical, large in scale, culturally important or otherwise significant to be protected. 

- venues who have already attenuated to a significant extent to be allowed to continue to trade as they are currently with no further restrictions. 

We need your help to convince the government that they should support the hospitality industry over residents and developers but we need you to do this NOW.

Links to the government proposals.