More Doctors and Nurses! More Hospitals!

More Doctors and Nurses! More Hospitals!

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Eleena Ooi started this petition to WA Department of Health

To everyone in WA, my family heart is broken hearing news like this. It is not the first time, it had gotten worse since last year around Christmas when ambulance had to wait in carpark, and being treated there and then.

Ambulances no longer can be despatched due to that too.

After that incident, I read patients were being treated in corridors.

And now it has progressed to this.

My family and I do not feel safe. We have a 3 year old bub. We haven't felt safe since our baby was born. We saw and experienced how hectic it was in hospital, how the hospital tried to rush me out of hospital after labour to free up bed without taking off my catheter (pee bag?)

Without checking or letting me know if my bub is good to go as informed they were going to do it then did not follow through as I had gdm. To this day, I didn't even know what they were going to check and if they had..
The ten nurses that rushed in and out couldn't answer me.

We have a doctor in family that got so burnt out and abused in the working environment because there was not enough of staff, everyone had to work multiple shifts back to back. No one has energy to care for a little bit more...No one has the energy to be nice anymore..

How can we expect the doctors and nurses to take care of WA when we don't look after them! When health department run them into the ground!!?

I wish to do something, for the next that in our community, there wouldn't be another child passed away...without given a fair chance to fight...without given the support and help deserved.

We are not third world country...we are doing well in a lot of aspects but why is our medical systems such a joke???

I came from Malaysia...back in 2010...i have never heard in Malaysia, patients need to wait for hours...and being popped pain killers..NOT IN ED!

I had food poisoning during one of my holidays few years back in Malaysia, it was past midnight.

We went to ED and out 20 mins..all better.

I hope we...can start a petition, a motion to give pressure to government to readjust their budget, pay healthcare workers the rate they deserve, hire MORE staff( we have fresh graduates but they do not allocate resources to train, the news are talking about overseas staff??? this has to CHANGE!!), and BUILD MORE HOSPITALS??

We are lucky in WA..we haven't gotten hit by COVID.

BUT WHY is our hospitals already melting down without COVID? Imagine we have COVID then??

WA was made known of the situation in December...with ambulance in car SHOULDNT be brushed off...government had NO plans to improve!!

Step down Roger Cook! Readjust Healthcare budget!

We need a leader that looks after the healthcare staff! That will fight for their welfare and health care budget!

I feel we need to speak up!

Referring to yellow codes, ambulances and patients treated in car parks and corridors, and lastly Aishwarya Aswath incident!

1. Step down Roger Cook!

2. Readjust healthcare budget!

3.Build more Hospitals( at least three more!)

4. More Doctors and Nurses (Clear plan to increase 1000% fresh graduates training and intake, IMMEDIATELY)

5. Increase staff wage AND apply humane working hours for patient and staff safety!

6. Rebuild healthy healthcare working environment, address work ethics after eradicating burnt out!

7. Improve health care system with Ryan's Rule. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!