W/ @TulsiGabbard @IlhanMN @repmarkpocan & @RepMcGovern, defund Trump's kill of INF treaty

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Trump is trying to kill the INF Treaty negotiated by the Reagan Administration. As James Clifton warns at the Washington Post, “once the treaty is undone, it is likely to be undone for good, leaving few options to avoid the needless militarization that will surely follow.” That would create yet another corporate welfare gravy train entitlement for the Pentagon-industrial complex at the expense of our pocketbooks, while further entrenching "the mindset that got us into war.” 
Here’s the good news: Congress has the power of the purse. Trump can’t build a single missile that violates the treaty without the Democratic House voting to pay for it.
This is the idea behind a bill introduced by Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar, Wisconsin Democrat Mark Pocan, and Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern. The Gabbard-Omar-Pocan-McGovern bill would prohibit any expenditure of our tax dollars that violates the INF treaty. Rep. Gabbard has indicated that if we can generate enough support for the bill, she will force a vote on the House floor to block funding for violating the treaty. This, too, is “Congressional war powers.”
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