Heather Mac Donald: W&L Appreciates Diversity and Believes Survivors of Sexual Assault

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Submitted on behalf of multiple student organizations and individuals within the W&L community:

Some of Heather Mac Donald's ideas are antithetical to Washington and Lee's commitment to a welcoming liberal arts education for all students. The root of our issue against her lies in her hateful rhetoric against diversity within universities. Mac Donald believes in "diversity delusion" and the “campus rape myth” --falsehoods that disrespect women and minorities and undermine our sense of community. While Mac Donald has the right to her opinions and free speech on our campus, the students of Washington and Lee have a right to own our campus culture and the narrative that we want to portray. Mac Donald and her words do not represent our community, nor its values. W&L believes the survivors of sexual assault and that our community is only enhanced by diversity. By signing this petition, you show what the W&L community actually stands for --growth and mindfulness of the future. Non Incautus Futuri.